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"Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV…"


"…to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3"



PewDiePie - The Sims 4 - Gameplay - Part 1 - MY ANACONDA DONT WANT NONE, UNLESS..

This is hilarious! XD

READY FOR BABY! My good friends blog, getting ready for their first baby girl ^_^


Sims 4 Cheats List



In order to enter cheats type ctrl+shift+C

Cheats - Effects:

kaching - Adds §1,000 to the household funds

rosebud - Adds §1,000 to the household funds

motherlode - Adds §50,000 to the household funds

help - Displays all available commands

money <amount> -



[eShop JP Demo] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS - Menu Footage

Pre-ordered, so excited!! :D

UUuuuuggghhh, I want it! 

Sims 4 Oopsie!

I’m the type of person that likes to make the town my own with friends and family, and a few *fans self* hotties. Anyway I was playing around with some new sims and noticed that ALL of my other sims from when I started were either aged or dead. And I never played them while fooling around with my current game. So I just wanted to give others a heads up to go into the options and turn off aging while you’re playing other sims in your town :)